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Mar 5, 2014 4:00am EST
there are russian defense forces. kerry was god smacked. nbc's andrea mitchell told him putin said that. putin says there's an illegitimate government here in kiev. kerry says how can it be illegitimate when the parliament approved this government? putin says there are ant anti-semantic running in kiev. kerry says, i drove through kiev, i walked through kiev, how can that be the case, mr. putin? but let's look at the positive side of things. progress, kerry is going to be speaking to lavrov. nato and the russians will be speaking, as well. it's sluggish, but there is a ministerial level conversation going on. the russians maybe, despite mr. putin's comments about the illegitimatesy of this government, there was some progress there. but the hard proof is there are russian forces or pro russian forces, whatever you want to call it, on ukraine territory. talking about putin's speech yesterday, this is hard lined. it says the confessions of a mad adegreeson with a caricature of mr. putin. a humanitarian mission? and then we have a third bun referring to those shots and pictures of unarmed ukrainian air
Mar 3, 2014 4:00am EST
of the national defense council. and i spoke to one of the representatives of that council, deputy summer somer about the intentions of the russians. let's just listen in to what she thought. >> we understand that this is main goal of the russian army to -- ukrainian army to have its own country. but just now, we don't have any cases with -- where our on -- >> do you fear that there's going to be an escalation of the conflict area outside of crimea to, perhaps, eastern ukraine, for instance, which has a lot of russian support, we're told? >> so dangerous of escalation is very high. but ukrainian government try to keep the situation and our message for all ukrainian army to give the people. we understand that we are doing everything without armed forces. >> do you consider russian actions so far to be a declaration of war by russians on ukraine? >> yes. we can see the decision of the russian parliament and we can see act on the ukrainian territory in crimea. >> what they're saying here is the actions on the ground that have been a declaration of war. we've had a mobilization of regular forces, a
Feb 27, 2014 4:00am EST
large scale human rights violations against its ethnic russians in the ukraine, the russian defense ministry confirmed that fighter jets were now on high alert along the border with ukraine that's of course part of the surprise, war games we've been reporting on since yesterday including long range aircraft, warships as well as some 150 troops and some 900 tanks. the main flash point is ukraine's crimea peninsula, strategic for russia, the home of the black sea fleet, scuffles broke out yesterday between proand anti-russian protesters outside crimea's parliament. overnight the building was seized by armed men speaking russian with rpgs, sniper rifles, in effect vigilantes who raised the russian flag over the building. today police surround that building hoping to contain the situation while ukraine's acting president warned russia that any troop movements outside of the black sea fleet base would be seen as an aggression against ukraine, and all of this going on, ross, based on as a result of many things but now we're seeing photos even of ukrainian armored personnel carriers and tr
Feb 26, 2014 4:00am EST
think europe will play defense and the u.s. will be worried about where its economy is going. >> it's interesting that you are saying that as a lot of people are thinking that the united states are steaming ahead, whereas europe is sort of stagnating. >> i would say the way europe has approached it is more long-term sustainable. the u.s. problems are in the future but they're major problems. the european problems are much more observable. if you like, europe has an upside down iceberg with most of its problems on the surface and the u.s. is an iceberg. >> we're just getting some flashes across the wires about egypt, apparently reappointing the petroleum minister and the planning minister and interior minist minister and no mention of a potential future president. we'll keep you abreast of any further developments. >> we're updated every day for events going on as far as egypt is concerned. futures are suggesting we might get a dip down at the beginning. still to come on the show dreamworks failed to give a turbo charge. the animated movie about a racing snail, i did see this one, se
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4